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Irrigation assessment information is provided to Vendor title companies and their third party agents as a public service by the KID. It is available only to employees and parties acting as agents for the Vendor that has been licensed by KID to use the portal for access. If the parcel being searched has an outstanding local improvement district (LID) loan, the amount shown on the portal will include only the current payments due. The District does not require the loan to be paid off upon transfer of the property; if the Vendor wants to know the balance on the LID loan, call the KID office at (509)586-9111. While the KID makes every effort to produce and publish the most current and accurate information possible, parts of this information may not be current or correct, or can be changed daily as new information is obtained. The payoff amount is only good through the day it was obtained, changes can occur daily. Interest is posted on the 1st through the 3rd day of each month. It is the responsibility of the vendor to ensure interest is posted before using this payoff information during the first 3 days of each month. THE KID MAKES NO REPRESENTATION OR WARRANTY WITH REGARDS TO THE ACCURACY, RELIABILITY, OR TIMELINESS OF INFORMATION IN THIS SYSTEM, AND SHALL NOT BE HELD LIABLE FOR ANY LOSSES CAUSED BY USING THE INFORMATION.

Using KID's Test Entry Portal you can:
  • Manage your backflow tester certifications
  • Upload your backflow test kit calibration records
  • Assign designated signatories for test report entry
  • Enter reports for backflow tests performed
  • Click here to access the Kennewick Irrigation District website.
  • Click here for the latest on KID's Cross-Connection Control Program.
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The Kennewick Irrigation District provides this portal for the express use of participants in KID's cross-connection control program. Login information shall not be given, shared, or used by anyone other than the individual who registered for the account. By accessing the portal, the individual acknowleges that he/she has read and agrees to all of the terms outlined in the Terms of Service Agreement.
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